Cipla's Legacy

Since inception in 1935, caring has been at the core of everything at Cipla. Cipla continues to support, improve and save millions of lives with our high-quality drugs and innovative devices. Cipla’s commitment to provide optimal treatment to reach the masses led to the incubation of Cipla BioTec.

Cipla BioTec embodies Cipla’s ethos and aspires to bring the values of Cipla to the field of biologics. Through innovation in technology and go to market approaches, Cipla BioTec aims to create a transformational impact in the way biologics will be used.


In 1939, Mahatma Gandhi visited Cipla and inspired
Dr. K.A .Hamied, founder of Cipla to make essential medicines for the country and strive for self-sufficiency


In 1978, Cipla pioneered inhalation therapy in India with the manufacture of Metered-Dose Inhalers (MDIs). Today, Cipla has the world’s largest range of Inhaled medications and devices


In 2001, Cipla transformed the access to HIV treatment by making antiretrovirals (ARVs) available at less than ‘one $ a day’ and thereby treating millions of patients


In 2012, Cipla slashed the prices of its three essential generic cancer drugs in india – Erlocip, Docetax and Capegard- by up to 64%