Manufacturing & Technologies

Our fully integrated biologics facility is based in Goa, India. Located near the other Cipla Goa facilities, it has world class capabilities for cell banking, cell culture, purification and formulation of Drug Substance and Drug Product. Manufacturing Centre of Excellence, Goa will aid in cross training of staff and standardizing the practices across the global facilities. State-of-the-art infrastructure, process, analytical and utilities equipment covering Bioassays, Microbiology and Biochemistry can be seen at the facility which is staffed with strong technical, regulatory and quality personnel. Our process development laboratories are designed to support development, technical transfer and optimization of processes and analytical methods for clinical and commercial production. The Team driving this has extensive experience with various cell types and manufacturing processes, as well as successful completion of tech transfers and process optimization and development projects. Our experience is focused on mammalian biopharmaceutical production, which gives us significant knowledge of cell culture processes and Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs) production.

Cipla Biotec also has CMO facilities for the manufacture and fill-finish of biological products from Insulin to mAbs. The Drug substance production Block is fully integrated with 50L, two trains of 350L & 1000L Single Use Bioreactors. Single Use Bioreactors allow for fast turnaround times between manufacturing cycles.

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